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Y Monday, October 8, 2007

hi every1 2dae i have alot write.. firstly let me begin with mentioning abt last tuesdae. i went all the way to yishun to meet logan n karthik... they were waiting for me 4 abt more than 1/2 hr.. So sorry guys:) We sat at burger king n were chatting n chatting with magesh whom i did not expect to be there. I was kinda insulting magesh's dance grp "STATIC X!" haha!! but he not angry la... cuz whatever i said was true therefore he didnt sae anythg to defend his grp.

After abt an hr we walked to north pt, it was soo useless to go there.. we didnt purchase anythg, didnt enter any store. Magesh left home after sum time n the rest of us went to KFC to eat.. We were chatting again like a chatterbox again.. I reaaly dunno how on earth we can cum up with soo many topics to tok abt. I guess karthik was too hungry , i saw him eating 1 zinger meal two whipped potato, 1 cup of pepsi which he was sharing with logan. Logan n me were convincing him to go araathana but he thk too much la... so we just leave it up to him to decide if he want to attend the show or not.

When isaw the time it was still 8plus, tooo early to leave hence we decided to take a walk to chong pangg.. On the way i was laughing like a mad dog n walking soooo slow!! sumhow we reached chong pang n i was soo tempted to eat the pasar malam food..YUMMY! i bot a two hot dogs but it didnt taste that good.haizzz... I went to buy sum green apple in the nearby coffee shop n the guys sit down there.. Gosh we are pracatically siiting evrywhere in yishun.HAH.. but i'm glad that we sat ther!! We shared afew secrets..SHHH...Was soo exciting, 1 of the secrets made karthik burst into laughter n he was banging the table.. so weired i n logan were telling him to relax..

Finally we get our ass off the chair n started walking to mrt station.. I was soo tired of walking n laughing.. BUT it was fun....


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1:35 PM

Y Tuesday, October 2, 2007

N- easy to fall in love with (hmm?)
I- crazy(TRUE!!)
R- is a good person to be with(of corzz)
M- Makes dating fun (maybe)
A- Hot ( i duno)
L- very good kisser (wooo...issit?)
A- Hot ( i prefer being beautiful:) )

A: Hot
B: Amazing kisser
C: good kisser
D: can kick your butt
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: loves people wild and crazy adoreyou
G:very outgoing
H: cute
I: crazy
J: is really sweet
K: is a good person to be with love tolaugh and smile
L: very good kisser
M: Makes dating fun
N:easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalitiesever
P:popular with all types of people
Q: a hypocrite
R: is a good person to be with
S: makes people laugh
T: smile to die for
U: is very sexual
V: not judgemental
W: people never tell you what to do
X: very broad minded
Y: loved by everyone
Z: can be funny and dumb at times


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12:48 PM

Y Thursday, September 20, 2007

HI every1 !! I noe i have been MIA for long long time man!! But i do still xist in s'pore:)

Well holidaes are gg very fineeee i'm lovingg it sooo much:D i've been keepingg myslef busy by workingg & gg out. I like it SOO much!! but of course i love gg sch too..i miss sch, frenss, canteen and foooling aroundd..

I'm currently working in watsons..so far it has been a pleasure working there as the ppl ova there are truly happening..The environment makes me feel very good to work there happily. But i have alot to learn such like casheringg, stock taking, panogram etc. Since i'm a part-timer my workin hrs are very flexible. Yesterdae i had a very interesting cum irritating experience..
A man came up to me with a condom pack n ask me" excuse me what is this for?" i said " erm its condom.." He ask me bak" den the vibrator for what??" i seriously had no idea of how to answer that man la...argh! the worst Question he asked was " so where do i place the vibrator on my finger!?" WTH !! haiyoooo...i guess even small kids noe how to use it la..

next, i must sae that i have been laughing soooo much these few days... I noe i alwaes laugh but sumhow this week has been just tooooo hilarious.. my fren n I laugh in train, shopping centres,bus...Practically everywhere!! ppl were just giving us a weired look..but we dun seem to care abt it...we just continue..i do nt want to discuss what were we laughing abt..Cuz its lame..
even now as i'm typing this entry i'm smiling!! ahaha!!!

Latter i'm gg out...i/m sure VERY SURE that i'm gg to laugh my heads off... I'm looking forward to that moment. As usual wenever i go out i look for policeman !! I mean god give us eyes for what? To look ard good sights rite? So we must make a goood use of it yea...

lastly small note to milan, prashan,chidam,radha,bun...pls kindly arrange 4 sum outing other then watching movies...hahah..unless its simbhu movieeeee....every1 follow me watch wen simbhu's new moviee is released!! haha he is a goood feast to our eyes:D:D


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2:36 PM

Y Sunday, August 5, 2007

cashyesterdae bawani and I walked ard bugis junction til our legs tore apart! I was searchig for a Espirit bag but none of them impressed me... :( but i seriously wanted to get a bag! So we went ard looking at charlesNkeith, Littlematchgal,topshop,elle...Unfortunately, i didnt like ay of the bags there.. Den we strolled to bugis street since bawz wanna get some clothes.. It was freaking crowded..Ppl were banging each other and rushing..

Baws bot a white skinny jeans and long sleeve tee.. We went to "This fashion".. As usual the clothes there didnt catch my attention aT ALL. The clothes are sooo TINY..How i wear...the design is not attractive oso..waste of time la...

While we were walking around, I came across plenty of bags, but i was very determined not buy the bags there! The previous time i bot one for 28 bucks la..that damn bag, tore slightly after 2weeks! totally gone after 3mths! WTH! i rather spend alittle bit more cash and get a branded one with good quality.. Rite now in my mind i only have Esprit bag!!! i wan!! hahah...i will get it by next week in orchard:))

So yesterdae after a long time of shopping i only bot a SWANK SLIPPER:)) Am sooo loving it... iTs very niceeeee!! Latter i post a pic of it..now i gg to study for cell tech..


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1:25 PM

Y Monday, July 30, 2007


• give her one of your t-shirts tosleep in.

• leave her cute text notes.

• kiss her in front of your friends.

• tell her she looks beautiful.

• look into her eyes when you talk toher.

• let her mess with your hair.

• touch her hair.• just walk around with her.

• FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES.

• look at her like she's the only girlyou see.

• tickle her even when she says stop.

• hold her hand when you're around yourfriends.

• when she starts swearing at you, tellher you love her.

• let her fall asleep in your arms.

• get her mad, then kiss her.

• stay on the phone with her even ifshes not saying anything

• tease her and let her tease you back.

• stay up all night with her when she'ssick.

• watch her favorite movie with her.

• kiss her forehead.

• give her the world.

• let her wear your clothes.•

when she's sad hug her.

• let her know she's important.

• kiss her in the pouring rain.

• when you fall in love with her, tellher.•

and when you tell her, love her likeyou've never loved someone before.


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10:54 PM


Well 2dae was not a goood dae at aLL!!

Firstly, when i reached sch i realised that i studied the wrong things for the ABC prac test...Realising that was gooood enuf to spoil my mooood!! Then i went to the hall, filpped the paper..WTF, calculations were heavily tested...i totally forgot the formulas and stuffs. Thank god, Radha N "john" told me that we are suppose to have a calculator...And karthik saved me by lending his...ThX karthik!!! So practical paper is a gone case.

After that, Iwent for HACCP meeting. To my horror, my chairman printed the whole HACCP( 150 pages) in colour!!!!!!!! My god!!! i think it is totalllllyyyyyy a very very unwise decision!! It Costs 82 buckz La!!! and each of us have pay 16 buckz for the damn project..I was sooo pissed off... but do we have a choice other than paying up??

Thirdly, after the looong boring lecture i was shagged and i was dragging my feet to the MRT station...When i alighted at raffles place it was freaking crowded...People were rushing to the train til the door can be closed it was sooo packed. I was xtremely fustrated. Hence i decided to get into the next train...Unfortuately, the second train was packed with ppl as well.This time i have no patience to wait fot the next one.. Therefore i squeezed in, I was really squashed la..iyoo.. I just codn't wait to get out of the train.

When i reached home, my dad ask" y sooo late?? u take sooo long to come??" This question really got on my nerves! I mean i not saying he do not have the rights to ask me that Q..but he cod have asked after i showered and settled down and not once i step into the hse!!!! stupid man!

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8:24 PM

Y Thursday, July 19, 2007

Todae was a such hilarious day!! i laugh,laugh and laugh.. it all started by rose who was actually calling people with names.. first time i saw jieying laughing sooo much..wah...if i think about it now, i can start smiling...

But aniwaes this past few days have been very fine..so much of fun and joy!! i hope its lasts to keep me going . I just bot a hair dye from watsons, i didn;t think much on which colour to buy. i went to the shelf and in less than 5minutes i decided which colour to purchase. Well, i'm alwaes hasty!! so its ok. latter going to apply the dye!! so xcited..haha

On saturdae i will be going to watch a show in singapore poly. If i'm not wrong it is called dance arena or sumthing like that. Will be meeting my frens.. I'm so anxious to meet rasool..haven't seen her for sum time..miss her loads:((

And of course not forgetting this saturdae they will announce who is the super singer junior!!! Ishy u are equally excited i guess.. Yeah thats about it. I'll will update my blog after the show and i wod like to wish good to magesh and subash who are taking part it the show..GOOD LUCK GUYS.. I support u ppl=D


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6:35 PM